Franklin Spinney: The Taliban Rope-a-Dope

Franklin Spinney: The Taliban Rope-a-Dope

“History has shown repeatedly that conventionally-inspired military action (especially interdiction operations aimed at choking off the supplies and reinforcements and destroying the so-called safe havens of the adversary) aimed at achieving an unconventional end (winning hearts and minds of the people in a guerilla war) can easily degenerate into a mindless, fire-power centric war driven by conventional military thinking.”
-Franklin Spinney

Sudden urge to label this blog – ‘All Empires Go To Die In Afghanistan’… doesn’t seem to be far from the truth. Isn’t this the second time the British have been there? They made some headway from British India, but wisely abandoned efforts to colonize the whole of Afghanistan given the enormous drain on military resources. I have a nagging feeling we’re going to be there for a very, very long time. Perhaps not a quagmire like Vietnam, but I think at some point, as with the British, its going to hit home here as the casualties gradually mount higher and higher.

Particularly amused by this:
Franklin “Chuck” Spinney is a former military analyst for the Pentagon. He currently lives on a sailboat in the Mediterranean

That last part is totally going to be me in 30 years.


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