Diplomatic Memo – U.S. to Push Peace in Middle East Media Campaign – NYTimes.com

Diplomatic Memo – U.S. to Push Peace in Middle East Media Campaign – NYTimes.com

Lets do it on a grassroots level… can you imagine if Obama/ME team started giving regular interviews on Al-Jazeera/major Israeli media networks… it could work this thing in a way that’s never really been attempted. I’m definitely a proponent that effective use of new media channels by all parties involved… and especially the U.S. as chief mediator, will dually serve to shore up U.S. credibility in addition to promoting new objectives – and this agenda the Obama Admin is pushing… that solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is key to solving other regional issues. New media could well give this a new lifeline… still, on a more depressing note… I honestly don’t think there’s much behind Mitchell’s statement that ‘everyone is onboard.’ I think that the Saudis/Jordanians/Egyptians/you name the Arab country… are interested in peace only on a flirtatious level… that is… little more than self-interest. I don’t think they’re going to do anything that doesn’t benefit their rulers directly… unless they face immense pressure from within (from where/who? – nonexistent) or something happens outside their control that forces them to act. However, currently, there seems to be no end to the status quo in sight. I don’t think they will move until they are forced to act – even if the Israelis were to capitulate on some issue first. But perhaps, perhaps, this is where new media could come in useful. By appealing directly to the populations of these countries via major media networks (even online) the U.S. could gain significant ground. As along as such a effort was not seen or decried as “foreign intervention” – as was the case in Iran recently w/ Twitter and other media… there could be a chance of success in creating internal pressure on these regimes that emanated directly from the people. I’m certainly not saying that all of a sudden millions of Arabs will rise up and say “lets have peace! with Israel!”… but in all likelihood – if they consistently see the U.S. directly appealing to them in contrast with the relative inaction of their leaders, a grassroots movement for action on some level could quite well begin to manifest. Anyway… I’ll keep fleshing out this idea over the next few weeks… as plenty remains to be defined in more detailed terms.


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