Living in the Capital

The American Conservative — Squaring Dupont Circle

Wonderful expose of the city… city life in general… but D.C. in particular… parts of it read like a poem or good old travel literature…

Dupont in the summer favors one sense only—sight. On Saturday around the fountain, women in bright dresses saunter past men in sherbet-colored suits, giving one another the eye.”

In the summer, God remembers the District and clamps down his palm on it. The city gets slow and flirtatious. We swelter under a low-slung skyline, teasing strangers.”

The city teaches you patience and charity in a different way: You learn to negotiate among strangers. Every region has a different way of managing it—pop culture tells me that Midwesterners smile relentlessly, Southerners drink and fight, and Californians drive. D.C. flirts. If you don’t interpret strangers’ actions with charity and good humor, you’ll go crazy here.”

Dupont today, like the gay community generally, has gone aggressively bobo (David Brooks’s abbreviation for “bourgeois bohemian,” those who want the perks of living outside the rules as well as the perks of following them). Happiness beat ecstasy, order beat alienation, respectability beat solidarity.”

wow that’s totally me… gotta love at least attempting to maintain a double standard


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