I am fucked.

I don’t really think I have an issue swearing on this blog. I mean so what? It delivers the point. I usually generally consider swearing and other such “interesting expressions” to be evidence enough for a total lack of mastery of the English language, however, when used with the appropriate intention, they can deliver the desired effect. I just returned this past week to the country of my birth – the United States of America – from the Republic of Lebanon, where I had spent the last 10 months living. I really have no idea who I am any more. I distinctly did not feel comfortable today wandering around Mecca-sized shopping mall or the cathedral-sized Lowe’s. There were too many white people. What’s wrong with white people you say? Well, despite a centuries of enslavement of others, this isn’t the America I know. The America I know is full of all of the planet’s races – even if this term has long bin overdue for departure from our lexicon. Perhaps I should say, nationalities and cultures. This is the American dream. The dream that anyone from anywhere can bring something new to this country and make a deal with it. In exchange for America’s promise of prosperity – of a lifelong liberty – one must also give something to this country, must add to the refreshing of its Constitutional principles, adding to its natural wealth experiences and stories and traditions from countries beyond America’s shores. This is the bargain that all immigrants must make. It should be a give-and-take relationship. This is what makes America unique in the world. This is the dream. One that is still unfortunately overshadowed by the chronically-materialistic one that stands unjustly in its place. To many people have forgotten this or just plainly refuse to see it. This returns me to my point, I don’t like white people. Well, wait, I never said that. Perhaps I don’t like other white Americans. Am I merely rejecting myself or do I really see something severely wrong with this country. Ask yourself why we haven’t had an ‘I have a dream…’ speech in so long. Perhaps some of Obamas do count. But ask yourself. What happened to the passion this country has always been known for. The passion to advance society through a historical refreshing of our founding principles. This is why other white American scare me. I see them at malls and in restaurants. Perhaps I am generalizing. Perhaps many of them volunteer in their local communities and give back to it. Perhaps many of them are politically and socially active. It’s even funny that I see them in the same places that I go. Buying the same clothes. Eating the same food. But I don’t know who these people are. Perhaps in my quest to generalize people I have picked my own society in a rejection of all that I know, that I was born into. But something troubles me at these social watering holes in our society. I am disgusted when I see people in the mall just talking about what they want to eat and buy. Then buying. Then eating. Then more eating and more buying. Why can’t we all gather elsewhere… perhaps on the field of our forefathers, marching to Washington to demand the truth of the dream. To ask where that dream has gone. To demand that those who concealed and enslaved it be held accountable for their treason against the state and their crimes against humanity.


2 thoughts on “I am fucked.

  1. seriously this was such a cool blog post that I wanted to make a longer more meaningful response to it but I’m too busy buying and eating things 🙂 maybe someday

    I didn’t know you had an anti-consumerist streak though!! is this new?

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