A Thought

You know what’s funny? Before I went on study abroad to Beirut I remember telling people, when they would ask about my going there, that I knew I was going to have an experience that would change my life completely and that I would probably, under most circumstances, come back a fundamentally different person. It’s interesting because I went into the thing knowing and expecting that and that’s exactly what I got. I came to love a country by falling in love with a person, who while no longer in my life, has probably had the most transformative effect on it than any other living individual I know. I find the causation of events so interesting, looking back on the last 5 years. I left high school to go to the only out of state school where I had applied to because they happened to have the major I was looking for. And I ended up meeting someone who was the cause of my selecting Lebanon as the place where I wanted to spend a year of my life. My final year of what we call college. It’s just interesting to plot the chain of events that led to this point in time, ending with a sharp jolt of reverse culture-shock and heartbreak. It’s probably the worst combination of self-inflicting diseases as there isn’t a cure to either but time. It’s terrible honestly. And the people who cause the latter to others really have no idea how long the road is to basically re-learning how to live your life. It takes so much work. It’s a herculean challenge. But I’m slowly feeling more and more like myself. There’s finally something on the History Channel that isn’t about Hitler, Stalin, or WWII. There’s a great documentary on the 7 Wonders of the World. Apparently the Roman Emperor Caligula tried to have the Statue of Zeus in Olympia moved to Rome because he wanted to possess it utterly. But when he sent people to remove it they heard a cackle of laughter emanate out of the statue and they fled. And 72 hours after the incident Caligula was brutally murdered in a palace mutiny. Just great. Gotta love Roman history.

I went and saw Hereafter tonight. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone that likes an interesting film. I really was well done I thought. Though there were a number of people who went out of the theatre saying it was a waste of time. But I honestly thought it was one of the most interesting films I’ve seen directed by Clint Eastwood. It has the actress in it who played the French lesbian in La Auberge Espagnole (probably misspelled) also known as The Spanish Apartment and The Russian Dolls. And there are a few others that are recognizable other than Matt Damon. Anyway – I highly recommend it – it really gets you thinking about the connections between events and people.

I guess the thought that is most interesting to my tonight – that I’m toying over in my mind – is that feeling you get when you know that something is just right, that you’re mean to be somewhere at a particular place and time and that nothing short of what is happening or did happen was essentially meant to happen, regardless of if you were in expectation of it or not. Like being tuned into some sort of frequency. I recall seeing a movie a long time ago called Frequency. I forget what it was about though.

I suppose one of the benefits to living at home is homemade granola. For dinner.


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