A Mirage In The Desert

Boy do we have a story for tonight… this is the kind of journalism the New York Times is known for – this quality of investigative reporting… this is exactly the kind of thing we need to prevent Beirut from becoming… I’ll give an e-nugde to a very special person I know who is studying Environmental Science and Waste Management at AUB. I’ll post the key parts of the text as follows.

NYT: Dubai Struggles With Environmental Problems After Rapid Growth

Like a Middle Eastern version of Las Vegas, Dubai’s biggest challenge is water, which may be everywhere in the gulf but is undrinkable without desalination plants. These produce emissions of carbon dioxide that have helped give Dubai and the other United Arab Emirates one of the world’s largest carbon footprints. They also generate enormous amounts of heated sludge, which is pumped back into the sea.

The emirates desalinate the equivalent of four billion bottles of water a day. But their backups are thin: at any given time, the region has, on average, an estimated four-day supply of fresh water.

Today, the gulf’s salinity levels have risen to 47,000 parts per million, from 32,000 about 30 years ago. That is enough, said Christophe Tourenq, a senior researcher at the World Wide Fund for Nature in Dubai, to threaten local fauna and marine life.


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