A Little More Fashion… A Little Less Politics

No, not really. I know I’ve been shirking the primary focus of this blog in covering the latest developments in the world of diplomacy – and there have been some major ones that have transpired in the last few days. I found an excellent article on the history of Lebanon’s one and only golf course, written by CNN of all news agencies, and a couple excellent articles on what the hold up of New START in Congress could mean for the credibility not only of Obama’s Administration but for the United States in the world. So we’ll be covering these soon, I assure you, once I get a few things in order.

Nonetheless, I did pull out of my closet yesterday a wonderful leather jacket that I always get excited about wearing every winter. It’s just so awesome because it’s a red motorcycle jacket, and I just feel badass wearing it in general. It was produced in 2006 or 2007 I believe as part of Gap’s Product (Red) lineup. Now I just need the motorcycle to go with it :-p


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