The Nutcracker of iPhones

I know, I know, I’ve haven’t blogged in a while. I actually, have literally an entire folder of bookmarks saved in Safari of articles I’ve been meaning to post on here. I’ve made a number of remarkable find in online journalism and publication recently and I hasten to share them with you. However, first I want to take a “me” moment and share with you how wonderful the iPhone 4 is… yes, I finally succumbed. It’s funny… in it’s last legs of life, my iPhone 3G was so burdened under the new software that Apple had released – iOS4 – I believe, that it was literally like a flashing reminder to UPGRADE TO NEW APPLE DEVICE! On repeat. It’s just ridiculous how manipulative they’ve become. I suppose its just one of those things that happens when you go from being the underdog to the local pit bull. I kind of detest Apple for it honestly.

But yet… if you read any article online reviewing the iPhone 4 – well they’ll pretty much reach the same conclusion I have made here, in comparison to any other device currently on the market. The iPhone wins. Even with Antenna-gate. I mean, Tricky Dick (Richard Nixon) still wins, doesn’t he? Go out with a bang. I don’t know how that’s really related. But anyway, just everything about it from the glass and metal construction to the screen which is just so eye-poppingly beautiful – to the responsiveness of the 1GHz Apple A4 chip… to the multitasking and 5pm HD camera. It’s just amazing. It truly is. From the first day I got my Sunflower iMac all those long years ago I’ve known this simple truth… Apple wins because it has focused on integrating the hardware and the software from day one. The two are created in tandem with eachother. Simplicity in design of both.

But it’s not just Apple’s strategy… it’s what you can actually do with the phone that counts. I literally went on an App-buying spree this afternoon. I bought this organizational app called 2Do – cost me $7 but it is the most useful thing I’ve ever seen. Then I discovered I could watch Al-Jazeera Live in Arabic on my iPhone. I mean, how cool is that?!

It’s just a great piece of kit, even if it is somewhat ubiquitous these days.

Yeah… it’s just addicting. Having folders now to organize similar-function applications… Productivity, Lifestyle, Education, Games. It’s just great.

So I’m watching The Nutcracker on TV. They’ve got this thing going – a Dancing With The Stars/American Idol meets The Nutcracker – going on. Hosted by Sarah Jessica Parker. Why’d they pick her? She doesn’t appear to have any expertise with Tchaikovsky’s music. Not that I do. It’s actually quite interesting though, it’s a competition of different interpretations to what is one of Tchaikovsky’s most famous works. The one that was on last night was the classical ballet, with the famous battle scene between the soldiers and the rats underneath the towering Christmas tree. It’s funny. I used to listen to the music so much that I completely forgot it was associated with Christmas. Someone should do a really dark interpretation of it – that has nothing to do with Christmas at all. Period. I actually think there is a movie in theatre’s based on The Nutcracker now – I watched the trailer – but it looked rather… commercialized. Unfortunately.

Ah it’s called The Battle of The Nutcracker: Dance Off! Wow. They made that sound epic.

I actually went on a really great drive tonight. It was something like 26F outside and I just decided to go for a spin in my car. I love driving. I don’t know why I ever though I couldn’t do it in cold weather. I like being bundled up in my GLI, it’s a very nice place to be when its freezing outside. The interior materials and glow of the instrument panel make it rather homely and comfortable.


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