Some finds this morning…

So I ordered a case for my new iPhone 4… I found something quite beautiful from this local (read: American) case manufacturer called idAmerica. They design and produce the cases in NYC. I decided to eschew going to the Apple store to look for a case as I didn’t want a rubber bumper to cover the antenna or a case that completely obscured the back. You can tell by the design of the phone itself that industrial design seems to have ultimately won out in Apple’s design labs, over functionality. I mean, both sides are made of glass, so its clear there was a trade-off made between design and well, common sense haha. But in this case, its not only the front of the phone that deserves to be exposed for use, it’s the back that really wins at the end of the day. I can’t even describe how smooth the glass is on the back. It’s a pleasure to touch. Why would you want to EVER cover it up? I found this case seems to offer a good compromise. It’s also made out of a bronze-toned brushed aluminum. So it fits nicely with the materials the phone is made out of – the antenna being metal. And the bronze look contrasts nicely with the black glass on the back. I read a few review of the case online and I noticed quite a a few flames – people saying it was horrendously ugly, but you know, its classic I think. It has that ‘steam-punk’ look to it, if you know what I mean. It looks from the back like some vintage tape-recorder or something. But I have to say I’ve never held something as impeccably designed and well made. It’s just purely sexy.

Case by idAmerica

It’s just ridiculous to believe this is the phone in 2010. I’m just slightly stunned every time I look at it, every time I touch the edges of the brushed aluminum case. I never would have imagined years ago that the iPod would look like this in 2010. But it’s not even called that anymore. It’s way more than an iPod ever was. I mean, think about it… it’s just stupendously cool that the telephone looks like this now.


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