A New Year… already?

Well Dear Readers,

I sincerely apologize for failing to update this blog while I was on vacation in the Caribbean. I was intending to post my recollections of the various ports I visited in the Caribbean, South and Central America, however I found myself to be – how shall I say – completely and utterly absorbed with doing absolutely nothing that involved contact with the outside world. Basically I did not touch the internet for 10 days. It was relieving – to be at a remove from technology for a while, to instead focus on reading and meeting some truly amazing people from all around the world. I’ll write more on this later as I have some photos to post from my sojourn to the south. Anyway… here are some items of interest to usher in the new year… which by the way – I have always taken issue with – this idea of the “New Year” marked by January 1st. Its great and all to have cause to celebrate and to make new resolutions and what have you, but honestly what are we celebrating? It’s been 2011 years since the birth of Christ apparently… how is that even remotely significant in comparison to the actual number of years human civilization has been around? But of course where would we start? 3500 B.C.? I have no idea. It’s just an arbitrary number that really has no significance what so ever. But I suppose if we truly endeavor to celebrate with the existence of mankind in mind every year, then I have no problem with it.

Some links…
5 Minutes of Syria

Entering the Stronghold: Audiovisual Animation – Courtesy: The Daily Dish

In other news, the new Republican-led Congress has decided that what the American people need is a live reading of the Constitution on the floor of the House… as if the document was not available in the public domain or understandable by anyone with basic reading skills in English. It’s laughable honestly, as much as I appreciate a live reading of the Constitution, I would think the House Members’ time could be better spent, you know, passing legislation.


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