Hezbollah Eats Beirut... just as a side dish though, establishing an Islamic State in Lebanon is the main course. *I just discovered this was an Israeli leaflet dropped on Lebanon - which I would only post here to display an example of propaganda. I just thought the image looked cool - and seemed highly appropriate given the developing situation.*

Well the Lebanese government has officially collapsed thanks to Hezbollah. Funny – doesn’t it make them seem more culpable in the assassination of Rafik Hariri that they behave in this way? Yeah I get it, according to Hezbollah the STL is merely a tool of the U.S. and Israel, and sure, it hasn’t exactly been all that well run, but you’d think some level of international or regional cooperation would be better than just fucking the country over at the expense of the Lebanese citizenry. The timing of the situation is what gets me – right as the Prime Minister is meeting with Obama in Washington. The precise timing of the announcement is indicative of having been orchestrated months previously.

NOW Lebanon: Hezbollah forces government shutdown

“Saad Hariri was on the brink of making a major concession as concerns the tribunal but occult forces prevented him from doing so,” Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblatt told AFP without elaborating.

Yes… Walid Jumblatt, I think you’ve been watching a bit too much of “Hitler and The Occult” on The History Channel. He was also quoted as using “dark forces” interchangeably with “the occult.”

The theme lately seem to be chaos… the psychological profile of the shooter in Arizona… a potential government coup in Tunisia, massive flooding in Australia, the situation in the Ivory Coast, the vote on succession in South Sudan.

Here’s a photographic comparison to illustrate…


And finally…

"Muahahaha I have "cut off the hand" of the Lebanese state... or perhaps the head - I can't really tell yet"

I’m only kidding… I’m not trying to draw a comparison between Jared Lee Loughner, Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight, and the Secretary General of Hezbollah, Hasan Nasrallah – though you gotta admit that’s a pretty awesome profile of his face. I have a lot of respect for the man, in terms of his oratory skills in Arabic and his leadership of Hezbollah – you can’t deny that he is extremely intelligent, and probably deserves a lot more credit than Western political and media apparatuses allot him. Despite this… its not too pleasing to see that they can shut down the Lebanese state whenever they feel like it. Thankfully there hasn’t been any violence yet, as there was in 2008, but perhaps its only a matter of time. What’s really going on here? Are they really only at issue with proving once and for all that they had no involvement with the assassination? Or is there something else…

To quote Walid Jumblatt, or perhaps Rasputin in Anastasia… it is “the dark forces” at work.

What I’m basically trying to get at here is that Hezbollah’s latest actions in Lebanon demonstrate that it is willing to sacrifice the fragile stability of the Lebanese state in order to preserve its image. It should not be misconstrued that Hezbollah values its reputation in the Arab world more than the Lebanese state. You can see the organization’s priorities demonstrated clearly here… it is first and foremost a force of Islamic Resistance (specifically the resisting its perception of Zionism and Western Imperialism) and only then a Lebanese political party.

I have honestly wondered for a long time just how much Hezbollah really cares about the Lebanese state… given that it transcends the Lebanese national boundary as a political, military, and ideological force in the region. It combines so many elements into something that is clearly not only “Lebanese.”

If you read their founding charter, or anything that describes their ideological underpinnings it is abundantly clear that their ultimate goal is the establishment of an Islamic State in Lebanon, though in practice this priority has been set to the side in favor of a slower, more gradual assumption of power in the state of Lebanon.

Anyway – I’ll elaborate more on this at a later point. The point is – that Hezbollah is something that is no longer inherently a force for the protection of Lebanese sovereignty. It is a transnational movement – and this explains its disregard for the Lebanese state in its recent action to undermine the government of PM Hariri.


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