Lebanon: An Update

NOW Lebanon has a new series of videos chronicling the human cost of political assassinations in Lebanon:

NOW Lebanon: The Unheard Victims

The talk is all about the government, the politics of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, about how the international body is dividing the country (as if it was not already divided when the bombs exploded around here).

But when you hear Elias playing Majida  El Roumi’s song and see his mother’s eyes drowning with tears,  you only want to listen to him, not to some politician.

There are tens of people like him in Lebanon, tens of people who lost someone when a politician, a famous journalist or a police officer simply blew up because they bothered somebody.  Tens of people who nobody listens to when they say they want to know who killed their loved ones and who want to at least give a chance to the STL. Who knows, maybe justice will take its course.

This is why I care. These Lebanese citizens did not deserve to die meaningless deaths in wanton acts of political violence. They deserved to live long lives of prosperity and happiness in a country that should be working for them.

For those who have not seen the films Zozo and West Beirut I highly recommend them – for a general understanding of the impact of years of war and violence in Lebanon.


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