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Well, the Arab world is falling apart – Tunisia is still roiled by protests which have now spread to Egypt and Lebanon, where Hezbollah has officially installed their own puppet to form a new government. I’m tired of reading about angry Arab youth. Don’t get me wrong – its an incredibly exciting and fundamentally significant time in the Middle East – concerning the developments that are going on. I guess I’m just bitter that I’m not there to witness them myself. I’m out in the cold here in New England, where it was below 7 degrees the other day. So lets take a short break from the normal prerogative of this blog to focus on what is clearly more important…

First off, I love this picture… I don’t care much for Sarah Jessica Parker, but Pierce Brosnan is always cool, and even cooler when he’s eating a New York pretzel, which are some of the best in the world…

Humor –

– according to Gawker – Stoners Will Now Have Their Own Soft Drink

I just love the photo they got for this. So funny.

Other Articles of Interest:
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Gizmodo: Can You Imagine Your Cellphone Passing Any of These Stress Tests?

The Latest in Attempts at Historical Revisionism:

The Atlantic: Shame on The Kennedy’s

But in the past month we’ve also been treated to widespread news reports about the death of Teddy Kennedy’s 13-year-old dog, Splash; weepy commentary about how this month marks the first time in sixty years that there hasn’t been a Kennedy in Congress; and Camelot-coated ceremonies commemorating the 50th anniversary of Robert Kennedy’s swearing-in as Attorney General.  (Really?  The 50th anniverary of a cabinet officer’s swearing-in? Please.)  This sort of thing is orchestrated by the Kennedy family and their legion of acolytes and media flacks.

Here’s what seems increasingly wrong about all this.  The Kennedys don’t deserve this attention and adulation if they’re not willing to be open with the truth, if they remain intent on having the public see only the attractive side of Robert Kennedy’s legacy.  They don’t deserve the unstinting praise and the undying devotion if they’re not willing to come clean.  If they were to do so, they might deserve the attention that comes their way now by constant management and manipulation of the family image.  Enough.

In Other News…

For a gay political media correspondent, Andersen Cooper and his boyfriend make a cute couple:


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