Here’s the reading list for the past few weeks…

This will probably be so dense with articles I’ve read and demarcated (blam! great word) for re-posting from the past couple weeks that nobody will have any use for it other than myself, someday. But I’ll take a stab at at it…

Gizmodo: Tremendous Time-Lapses

Eisenhower Warns of the Military Industrial Complex

Niall Ferguson in Newsweek on Obama’s response to Egypt

These viral NASA spots are getting ridiculously cool, inspiring the same awe of space, the universe, and our place in it as Star Trek and Planet Earth.

Here’s a novel, and new idea…
Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Dish writes about the most recent gay trend… Gay Retirement Oases

Another site for Mid-East watchers and Arabic enthusiasts…
The Arabist

This is the kind of article TIME Magazine is ultimately known for… TIME explores the Singularity Movement… the point at which artificial intelligence will surpass mankind and become aware of itself and perpetuating of its evolution and knowledge. The ultimate question is… do will really want to share a planet with a species of our own intention that are smarter than us and that might vie for the same resources. Yep, we’re heading for a scenario like the Matrix here. I’ll try to sparse quote it at a later point.

2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal

The UK’s Guardian takes us behind the tactics of the Egyptian internal security force before the downfall of Mubarak…

28 hours inside the dark heart of Egypt’s torture machine

Ever wonder what was going on inside those tents in the middle of Tahrir…
NYT Video: Cairo’s Facebook Flat

Gawker takes a look at the latest drug fad… poisonous snake bites


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