Remains of the Day

From the International Society for Human Rights…


The image of Ahmadinejad was around back in 2009 for the protests over the Presidential elections in Iran – always been a favorite – he looks like a scared kitty.

Courtesy Gizmodo – This is What Dictators Are Really Scared About

Here’s a ridiculously awesome video of a solar flare…
Gizmodo: You Have Never Seen The Sun so Close

Another expose of the brutality of Arab regimes…
The Daily Beast: Horrific Libyan Prison Exposed

Money quote…

As the two are talking, a handful of other former prisoners gather around and compare notes, some rolling up sleeves or pant legs to show scars and lumps from the torture they endured. There is a round of morbid laughter when many of them realize they were routinely given the “Hyundai” treatment. Barghati then flashes the other prisoners a quick smile to show off two rows of false teeth, a permanent reminder of his time at the facility. During one interrogation session, Barghati’s hands were cuffed from behind and he was blindfolded. A guard then grabbed the back of the blindfold and rammed his mouth into the edge of a table, knocking out all his front teeth. The guards called that move the “Ray-Ban,” for the brand of sunglasses. “Allah brought us comfort then and Allah is with us now,” Barghati says, raising his voice. “This country will be free.”

Not to make light of such atrocities and gross abuses of human rights, but I recall a scene from The Mummy where they recall how Imhotep was subjected to the “Hyndai” for consorting with the Pharoah’s mistress – basically he was buried alive in a coffin full of scarab beetles. Neither treatment seems particularly appealing.

I’ve been spending some time reading through The Arabist – a new blog I’ve discovered that follows events in the region, so I’ll have some links from there shortly. I may also start writing on here in Arabic, if I can find the time.


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