Well, I’m finally getting around to producing some writing on my first weeks living in Lebanon. I think I’ve finally been here long enough to begin to rationalize and crystalize some thoughts, perceptions, and observations about this place. There’s definitely still a part of me that isn’t entirely geographically-oriented to the fact that I’m actually, physically residing in Beirut, Lebanon. I think its jus the whole time/distance thing… that I could be in Europe in a couple of hours, and in Damascus or Cairo in even less time. It’s funny though, I came here in the hope that I’d be able to find some answers to some of the questions I had been coming across in my studies at university, and from personal interest in general. But now, I’m even more confused about the Middle East than I was before. But I’m defiitely not disenchanted or disaffected, which is a good thing, I suppose. When people ask me how Lebanon is, the first thing that always jumps to mind is the desire to simply state that this place is freaking nuts and crazy and insane. And I don’t meant that in a negative way at all, more in the sense that things operate in a completely different way here, in comparison to the Western world. The pulse of Lebanon and the Arab world beats at a different pace. I think I like vibrating on the Beiruti frequency. There’s a certain, definite thrill to this place, that manifests itself well outside and beyond the confines of the original political drama and theatrics I came here to witness. It’s exhilarating to be able to stand up through the sun roof of an Infiniti FX35 while careening down the highway at 90+ mph blasting music and feeling the rush of air so fast I can barely open my eyes. Or being able to drink in the back seat of a the car. Or narrowly avoiding running into other cars on the highway. This is sort of what I’m hinting at when I describe this place as insane and crazy. Or take my living situation for example… I sort of indirectly assumed that I’d be getting a dorm room with a view facing campus and thus the Mediterranean Sea… Allah is in my room everyday, 5 times a day…. like a giant scatter plot… muslims on paper


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