Finding the 1970s

I know I took a brief hiatus from this blog – having started a new one dedicated to Middle East watching at

but… I found something of significance worth posting here.

I recently unearthed a 1970’s pioneer turntable and receiver system from the donation/give-away pile in my basement. Both systems were perfectly intact, however, the turntable needed repairing. So I brought it to a local stereo hi-fi shop in Salem, MA where it’s been for the past week. I paid about $125 to get it rehabilitated and cleaned. It works brilliantly. The sound of vinyl records is so crisp and clear. And the quality of the stereo electronics surpasses anything you would see today. I’ll post a picture below. Here’s the text though of some research I dug up for the products… some history.

Silver Pioneer: 800-Series Receivers

Pioneer SX-828

The SX-828 was introduced in 1972 and was offered again in 1973. It was a higher power version of the SX-727, having 60 watts per channel, RMS. It featured six toggle switches to control certain functions, instead of the push buttons used on the SX-727. The SX-828 was Pioneer’s top of the line receiver in 1972 and 1973. Its performance specifications were only slightly better than those of the SX-727. Pioneer believed in using real walnut veneers and solid walnut trim, one of the pleasures of owning a receiver like this. List price for the SX-828 in 1972 was $429.95, but jumped to $469.95 in ’73. The hefty construction of this receiver with extensive use of steel in its chassis resulted in a shipping weight of 32 pounds.

A very complete summary of the unit with copious amount of photos. Yeah! Hipster porn!

Vintage Audio Online: Pioneer SX-828 Receiver



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