Well, it’s been a year…

How to explain away my absence?

Can I legitimately claim to be a ‘blogger’ again if I took a year-long hiatus from writing anything substantial?

It wasn’t like nothing happened anyway.

What have I been doing since Occupy Boston largely fizzled out?

Certainly I have been doing things… but leaving no written record of my usually disjointed thought process since the previous Fall.

I was reminded today that I am an opinionated bastard and need to find the opinionated Homosexual Lawrence of Arabia within me.


There’s a ring of truth to it though. I can’t claim to have produced anything close to the 7 Pillars of Wisdom. But after all, El ‘Awrence was merely attempting to record his experience for the awareness of others. Or perhaps just for himself… the Arab revolt in the desert.

I have something here. A written record of myself on the internet. I won’t attempt to judge my blogs, the other being thegemmayzehtree.wordpress.com, against the work of others. I can’t exactly say many of the “friends” I have on Facebook have much more than a feed, which together with all the other ones amounts to little more than junk on most days.

My blogs were founded upon purpose. I never created them to deal with trivial matters of little importance to the individual or the nation. I wanted to respond to serious questions that have arisen during the time period we happen to be alive in.

3 years of writing here on Amateur Diplomat and on The Gemmayzeh Tree have not been for nothing.

Sure I may look back and say “Wow, did I really write that? I sound like a complete fool.”

But it’s all worth it for those rare occasions when I have said something that rings of absolute clarity and reason.

That’s really the purpose of these endeavors after all. To keep hashing and rehashing and writing and rewriting until something worthwhile comes out.

And besides, what is the alternative? To sit back and do nothing. To waste away and be consumed by the tsunami of social media. Becoming so consumed by thoughts about what other people are doing that we become incapable of listening to ourselves.

That is what I am doing here – attempting to listen to myself. And I am damn well proud of it.

So, what is coming?

I’ve found my thoughts have accumulated over the past few months regarding some topics that deserve to be explored here.

For example, why is it, with a little over 100 days remaining until the election, that religion has largely stayed out of the media circus surrounding both candidates? Sure, we don’t see the Republican party or the Romney campaign attacking Obama for being a ‘Muslim’ as is the wont of the far, far right. But perhaps more tellingly, why haven’t we heard even a squeak from the Obama Campaign or Democratic party regarding Romney’s participation in the Mormon Church. Perhaps it is most easily explained away as a campaign decision not to attack Romney on the grounds of his religion.

Now sure, I can understand that as a campaign decision to leave religion out of attack ads etc. But if a candidate is running for President who is part of a mysterious cult-like religion that is largely unknown to the vast majority of the country, doesn’t it deserve at least the bare minimum of scrutiny?

And that’s what we have not seen. Not in the MSM or really any media thus far.

Anyway, that’s an issue I will be exploring further soon, as I’ve started to see a trickle of journalism attempting to explore Romney’s connections to the Church.

And what about the general state of the nation? I’ve found myself recently comparing the attitudes of our generation toward our elected institutions to be strangely reminiscent of the Romans toward the end of the Republic.

The flagrant disrespect for the institutions of the state.

You don’t think Governor Rick Perry of Texas’ claim that he won’t implement parts of Obamacare, regardless of whether they were ruled constitutional or not, is at least in some sense similar to the attitudes and behavior of Rome’s politicians at the time of Caesar?

It’s quite simple – the Republic faces its greatest threat from those elected citizens who have no regard or respect for its institutions and seek only to defy them when it suits their interests.

I’ll be exploring that topic more as well in the weeks to come.

Now that I am on funemployment I have all the time in the world to write.



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