Mitt the Mormon and the Jews… A Match Made in Heaven?

We all know Mittens, sorry, Mitt Romney, is a giant, humungous, dog-riding-on-top-of-a-car sized hypocrite, but I’ve unearthed some confusion regarding his position toward Israel and American Jews in general.

Let’s be clear, Mitt Romney has only marginally more foreign-policy experience than Sarah Palin, and his view of foreign relations through the prism of the Cold War is about as outdated as it gets.

Just as with Mrs. Palin, your’s truly is far more qualified to be President when it comes to knowledge and understanding of foreign affairs.

However, returning to what I was originally getting at… Mittens is currently “abroad” touring England, Poland, and Israel… if you can really call that ‘abroad’ at all.

I mean, is being President only about visiting allies who share our views? Hmm last time I checked the places Obama has traveled, it doesn’t seem to be.

But look here, Romney is attempting to tell the Israeli government as well as its citizens that he would do a better job at maintaining relations with Israel than the Obama administration has. The same message is being sent to American Jews here in the United States.

Now, he has said all kinds of crazy, such as saying he would “check-in” with Israel before taking any actions in the Middle East. Uh huh. Yes, it is obviously smart to give an ally near veto-power over anything we want to do regionally.

But it gets more interesting… Mittens is trying to win over Israelis and American Jews to his cause. And of course, we all know he is aided by the apocalyptic links between evangelical American Christians and their support for the state of Israel. Just listen to Sheldon Adelson sometime 🙂

All right so lets see what we have here. Mitt Romney is a member of the Mormon faith, which despite being only marginally less secretive and bizarre as the Church of Scientology, has made news in the last year for its posthumous baptizing of historical figures.

Like Anne Frank. She apparently was posthumously baptized multiple times.

So wait a second. We have a presidential candidate who is a member of a religion that practices the posthumous baptism of Jews.

And yet he is trying to persuade American Jews to switch their allegiance to the Republican party because of its support for Israel.

Does this make a shred of sense to anyone?

Look, lets be honest here. Mitt Romney’s religion has been thus far left out of the Presidential contest. He hasn’t dared said the M-word for fear of alienating evangelicals who are highly suspect, and rightly so, of the Mormon religion. But nor has President Obama’s campaign or the handful of superPACs supporting him shone a single light on something that should undoubtedly be part of this election.

Now, as much as this author would like to say that the Democrats are weak in not forcibly dragging Mitt’s Mormon faith into this contest, especially when the Republicans and their far-right allies have no compunction about attacking Obama on the basis of his faith (read: questioning Obama’s Christianity) or his race (read: Romney staffer’s “Anglo-Saxon” comment), that is not a winning argument.

The fact is, we have a candidate running for President who is part of a religion that at one point required its members to take an Oath of Secrecy regarding what happens inside the Mormon Temple.

Do you really want a President who has sworn an oath outside of the one and only oath he is supposed to take, on the very day he is inaugurated, to uphold, protect, and preserve the Constitution of the United States of America?

I certainly hope not.

Please see this BBC documentary on Mormonism and Mitt Romney:

I would note once again that you would have a hard time finding a quality documentary like this here in the U.S.

The MSM has simply refused to touch the issue. WHEN IT RIGHTLY DESERVES TO BE TOUCHED UPON.

Here is another excellent article on the Mormon Church’s business empire:

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: How The Mormons Make Money

Watch that documentary and read that article and tell me what you think.

Barring the inherent danger of organized religion to the American Republic, doesn’t the profound lack of questions regarding Mittens “Oath” to Mormonism disturb you?


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