Courtesy: Jalopnik: VW CEO Says Porsche Can Make Audi It’s Bitch

I haven’t written about cars much on this blog, besides the occasional song I drive to in my lovely VW GLI. But I found this image to be particularly entertaining. Not that the article itself is really all that substantial… but this… this is:

The new Mercedes SLK. I just love the expressions on this guy’s face and the random French female voice in the background of the video. God, car manufacturer’s are notorious for these kinds of things. Screw the acting. It’s about the cars, bitch. Though some have been pretty terrible… Lexus green flash anyone? Well, nobody cares about Lexus anyway. But how about the old BMW films with Clive Owen and Madonna in the M5… God what a car.

A classic.

See, this is the thing I’ve learned recently. Perhaps it’s rather sad, but some people inevitably disappoint. It’s like some humans are wired for disappointment. I mean, I’m sure I’ve disappointed and failed others just as others have me, but with a car, you never have to worry about any of that shit. It will never disappoint. And that is why automobiles are NOT about getting from point A to point B. They are about enjoying every moment and never being disappointed. I mean how could you be, in a car like the E39 M5? With a 400HP V8? This is why I love cars. Sure, I suppose one could make the argument that they disappoint when they breakdown and stop working, but a well designed car is meant to be an extension of the driver’s body.

Ah… I swear… yeah I’m sure I sound like a rich spoiled American talking about what I can buy for 40 grand (not that I’m planning to spend that on a car currently), but you know, there’s nothing else in the world that can replicate the feeling of driving through the desert in super fast Mercedes with the top down. It’s freedom. Even in my little GLI, I routinely flaunt the speed limit on the tight roads around my neck of the woods in New England. It’s just fantastic. Automobiles are perhaps one of the best things ever invented by and for humanity, though they might have, and continue to screw our environment, I don’t think I could ever give it up. But understand, probably 90% of cars on the road today are not driver’s cars. Not an econobox like the Prius. Not a gas-guzzler like a Chevy. These are point A to point B vehicles. And yes, they should all be removed from the road. There should be no sharing of roads, not at all. Only for drivers who seek to push their automobiles to the limits. To truly enjoy the freedom of driving.